Science Behind Sedona Face Mask

The use of varying Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields produce better healing and regeneration of damaged or diseased tissue, improved cellular voltage, accelerated cell growth, up-regulation of genes related to collagen production, cell rejuvenation, reduces oxidative stress and promotes cell longevity. 

PEMF’s penetrate through all biologic tissues equally well (unlike laser, light therapy, electrical stimulation and ultrasound) . The SEDONA PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field) Face Mask is a non invasive way to prolong youth and beauty of your skin. Under the influence of Pulsating Magnetic Fields , dark circles under the eyes and swelling of the eye lids disappear.

The SEDONA PEMF Face Mask improves blood-circulation, therefore better oxygen supply in the cells of the dermis and epidermis. It prevents premature skin aging and wrinkles around the eyes.

By activating acupressure points, doctors also recommend the SEDONA Pulsed Magnetic Face mask to relieve headaches, eye fatigue and even depression.

An increase of blood supply to any given part of the body will also help to revitalize and re-nourish the body’s tissues. This will cause the skin to soften and wrinkles to diminish.

  • - Vascular Dilation of Brain Blood Vessels

  • - Enhanced Melatonin Release

  • - Electrical stimulation of the Hypothalamus for Sleep Facilitation

  • - Reestablishment of Circadian Rhythms (useful for jet lag) 

  • - Vastly Improved Sleep 

  • - Healthier Endocrine System 

  • - Accelerated Recovery 

  • - Increased Flexibility (especially in the morning upon waking) 

  • - Enhanced Mood 

  • - Improved Mental Focus & Executive Performance 

  • - Balance Improvement 

  • - Enhanced Mobility 

  • - Avoids Production of Lactic Acid 

  • - Lower Levels of Oxidative Stress 

  • - Slows Natural Aging Process

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Technical Data:

Intensity: 0.6 Gauss

Frequency: 3Hz, 7.8Hz, 25Hz and 1,200Hz

Waveform: Rectangular