Nathalie Zach

Creator & Head of Sales

The innovator and creator of the Sedona Face. Nathalie has been in the health and wellness industry her whole life and specifically in the integrative field of medicine and Pulsating Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) therapy device. With a Masters degree in Holistic and Integrative medicine, Nathalie used her knowledge to design the revolutionary Sedona Face Mask.

Nathalie has been using PEMF therapy her whole life and has been able to study significant changes to the skin and body by applying certain frequencies. With this in mind she decided to create a device with PEMF technology that can be applied straight to the face. And that's how the Sedona Face Mask was born.

Niki Zach

Head of Marketing

Niki has also been in the integrative medicine field his whole life. Working mostly on the back end of products, Niki has a great understanding of the science behind Pulsating Electro-Magnetic Field therapy and how different frequencies stimulate different parts of the human body.

When Nathalie came up with the idea of creating a PEMF face mask, the two of them sat down together to design the most comfortable and effective PEMF Face Mask on the market. Many different criteria were taken into aspect, such as comfort over a long period of time (30min treatment), portability, battery life, and most importantly the effectiveness of the PEMF. The final combination of all these is what makes up the perfectly crafted Sedona Face Mask.